Happy New Year from Worship Without Borders

Ministry | Saturday, December 30th, 2017

Happy New Year to all our Worship friends! May this new year bring fresh appreciation for all those around you, new insights into every song you lead, great new songs birthed from the depths of your experience, and deeper relationships born of honor, trust and respect!

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May you find treasure in every service, every song, and every relationship! May others find the treasure in you! May you surprise yourself with words of wisdom that you didn’t know you had! May you find delight in the smallest of things! May each day bring a joy you don’t deserve!

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You are so loved and appreciated! This is your year! Blessed by a great and beautiful Father God! Changed by His Son Jesus Christ! and empowered by the Holy Spirit! Embrace all He is this year!

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Blessings, Tim and Maryl Smith

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