Dr. Tim Smith – President & Director

Dr. Tim Smith is the President of SongSmith Ministries and founder and director of Worship Without Borders in Aloha, Oregon, USA. He and his wife, Maryl, travel internationally – equipping, facilitating and releasing worship in churches everywhere. His passion is to help restore and release the song and the voice of the Church in passionate worship of Jesus Christ. 

Dr. Tim the Educator:

Dr. Tim holds a Bachelor in Secondary Music Education from Northwest Nazarene University. He did his post-graduate studies in Secondary Music Education at Western Oregon University and received his Masters of Divinity and Doctor of Ministry from Moriah Institute of Christian Studies. Dr. Tim was the head of the Portland Bible College Worship Department for 12 years. He developed a thriving Church Music Ministry Degree Program and raised up many worship leaders and teams to minister the word and inspire worship around the world. More than 25 nations have now been touched by these teams. Many of Dr. Tim’s former students are now ministering as worship leaders and pastors in churches worldwide. Dr. Tim has taught orchestra, guitar, piano, band and choirs in public and private schools for 27 years.

Dr. Tim the Pastor/mentor:

For 12 years, Dr. Tim served as a worship pastor at Living Hope Fellowship in Aloha, Oregon where he led the worship ministry. His role extended beyond the Sunday Worship services to include worshiping with recovery ministry, senior saints and children’s ministry as well as leading prayer meetings, counseling and preaching. His time spent as a pastor gives him a unique and intimate perspective on the impact and challenges of implementing worship in the many unique settings of the local church. This real life understanding deeply impacts his ability to minister practically and to impart faith and vision in a positive and compassionate way. He loves mentoring worship pastors around the world! They now attend Life Change Church, Pastor Mark Strong, in the Portland area as well as serve many churches in the Pacific Northwest.

Dr. Tim the Composer/Musician:

Tim is a professional cellist as well as an accomplished pianist and guitarist. His love for working with  musicians naturally integrates with his skills as a choral and orchestral director, songwriter, arranger, teacher, college professor, and worship leader. He enjoys teaches online lessons to cello, piano, guitar and voice students around the world as well as mentoring Worship Pastors! Dr. Tim has written hundreds of songs, many of which are translated and sung around the world. He is a published composer with Integrity Music and was instrumental in birthing CCLI, an international copyright licensing organization for the church.

Maryl Smith – Creative Director

Dr. Tim loves to minister and sing alongside his wife, Maryl. She holds a Bachelors of Theology and a Masters of Intercultural Studies. She is also licensed as a Certified Professional Midwife and has been in both private and group practice for 35 years. Maryl teaches at Christian women’s conferences as well as midwifery conferences and her birth-related songs have gone around the world.


Maryl is a flutist as well as a drama enthusiast who has written, directed and performed in a broad variety of musical drama presentations. Maryl developed and taught Creative Ministry classes for Portland Bible College. She has written stories for Good Catch Publishing, helping to create quality evangelistic books of personal testimonies, and for Midwifery Today.   Dr. Tim and Maryl have four grown children in the Portland area and 2 beautiful grand-daughters (both delivered by their grandmother).

Bryan Bettis – DirectoR of Ministry Development

The biggest dream that God has placed in Bryan’s heart, is that his short existence here on earth would help people everywhere experience meaningful & memorable moments with our Triune God.

Since Bryan was 6 years old, he has been serving and ministering to others in these kinds of moments, especially through the worshipful expression of music. Bryan believes that when people encounter God, they will always find themselves being healed, awakened, transformed, reminded, inspired, and empowered to live out the meaningful purposes and exciting adventures He has for everyone. 

For the last 25 years, Bryan has been honored with the opportunity to collaboratively serve full-time on the pastoral teams of several local church communities in the U.S., ranging from 150 to 10,000 people. He has also enjoyed ministering to and being ministered to by 100’s of churches around the world in dozens of nations; experiencing the eternal significance of finding long-lasting friendships on 6 of the earth’s 7 continents.

His primary full-time roles have been as a Music minister, Mentor, Teacher, Eco-system Visioneer, Consultant, Pastor, and Departmental Director within the Worship, Creative, Production, Outreach, and Discipleship ministries of these local church communities. 

Bryan loves to write, arrange, and play music, and is a published singer, songwriter, worship leader, and musician with multiple music labels. He holds a degree in Music Performance with a minor in Music Education. Throughout the course of his live, he has been blessed to have the opportunity to collaborate on dozens of music recording projects, and in music ministry moments with some people you have probably heard of, and with many other equally gifted people that you haven’t heard of.

Bryan & his beautiful, superstar wife Amy currently reside in Colorado Springs with their 3 amazingly wonderful children: Zayah David, Olivia Rose, & Bella Grace. 

Bryan and his family have said yes to our Triune God’s constant, grace-filled invitation: to experience a never-ending, meaningful, adventure-walk, and love-dance with Him. Filled with His joyful peace and power. Included in His rejection and suffering. 

Bryan, Amy, Zayah, Olivia & Bella have hearts that burn with a hope-filled passion for our Triune God to use the gifts, skills, & life experiences He has given them to help others step into the wide-open spaces of the abun