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WWOB returns to India for the 8th time!

Once again, I had the privilege of returning to India in February 2017 – flying into Delhi and on to Lucknow and ultimately to Midway at the RB Clifford Conference Center there. I was met by all the students for this year’s International School of Worship. What a great group this year! Lots of talent […]

WWOB heads to Peru

WWOB was joined by Alex Stephens from Life Change Church in Portland, OR and Marcos Cano from Elim Central Church in Guatemala City, Guatemala as we traveled for the first time to Peru in January. Francis Castenada, the Director General of Instituto Allegro in Peru, invited us to come and minister at their bi-annual Worship […]

WWOB says ‘Happy New Year’ to all our friends around the world for 2017

Happy New Year Around the World: BURMESE hnit thit ku mingalar pa CROATIAN sretna nova godina DANISH godt nytår DUTCH gelukkig nieuwjaar ENGLISH happy new year ESTONIAN head uut aastat FINNISH onnellista uutta vuotta FLEMISH gelukkig nieuwjaar FRENCH bonne année GERMAN Frohes neues Jahr / prosit Neujahr HAITIAN CREOLE bònn ané HAWAIIAN hauoli makahiki hou […]

WWOB in Malaysia 2016

In October of 2016, WWOB ventured into some new terrain in Malaysia. Our team: Bryan Bettis, Fane Campean, Jonathan Campean, David Phillips and Tim Smith. After flying from PDX through LA, Narita, Japan and finally Kuala Lumpur, we were greeted by our friend, Pastor Gilbert Tan (former PBC student who traveled with many of our […]

WWOB returns to India 2016

Our return to India this year was as exciting as it was fast and furious! Four guys joined me for what I call my ‘Dream Team’: Fane Campean, Jonathan Campean, David Phillips and Bryan Bettis. All these guys have high skill levels of musicianship, they love to teach, love worshiping God and they loved the […]

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