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Equipping the Church to release worship Around the world

Worship infusion Weekends

A highly interactive, hands-on development experience for students that love Jesus, music, and serving others.

JEsus is WOrthy

The whole earth will be filled with the glory of the Lord.
Join us in training and releasing worshipers around the world using their own unique cultural expression!


“The Joy in our church is immense!

Worship music requires more than teaching – it requires an impartation because it is ‘caught’ as much as ‘taught’.  Dr. Smith brings both teaching and impartation and has been a great blessing to our church.  We know he will be a great blessing to your church family as well.

Jonathan Guilloux, Executive Pastor, Eastside City Church,
Calgary AB Canada
Tim Smith's Piano in Worship Book and DVD
Worship Resource

Piano In Worship

This DVD/PDF course by Dr. Tim is a powerful tool for releasing creativity in worshiping pianists and keyboardists. Hundreds of students around the world have been set free over the years in creative worship through this book.

$20 + Shipping

Book worship without Borders

release worship in the nations