Equipping the Church to release worship Around the world

Hanford, CA • July 31-August 4
Portland, OR • August 14-18


A highly interactive, hands-on development experience for students that love Jesus, music, and serving others.

JEsus is WOrthy

The whole earth will be filled with the glory of the Lord.
Join us in training the nations how to worship Jesus with their own unique cultural expression!


“The Joy in our church is immense!

Since Dr. Tim Smith taught our church to use Biblical principles to praise Jesus, we have found more people truly experiencing the presence of God in their own lives. He is speaking to them for the first time, and it causes joy to flood their hearts!”
-Pastor from UAD

We’ve Seen it All

Over the course of 50 ministry years and training in over 25 nations, worship trends have come and gone. But there are timeless principles from the Living Word of God that transcend time and culture, empowering God’s church to worship in Spirit and in Truth.

Our joy is to customize each seminar for the individual local church! We would love to share with you, equipping your church to release the worship of Jesus!

– Dr. Tim & Maryl Smith

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Piano In Worship

This DVD/PDF course by Dr. Tim is a powerful tool for releasing creativity in worshiping pianists and keyboardists. Hundreds of students around the world have been set free over the years in creative worship through this book.

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