The weekend of September 20 was a memorable and powerful time in Clackamas OR with the worship team at Destiny Christian Fellowship, Pastor Joel Hjertstedt. About 25 people – pastors, leaders and worship team members – gathered at a local house to worship together and open their hearts to the vision that Jesus has for their church and their community. Though this is a fairly new church (7 years) full of a lot of twentysomethings, the spirit of worship, passion and hunger for more of Jesus was evident from the beginning.destinyworshipteam As Dr. Tim shared some insights from the Word concerning worship there was eager response and delightful moments of revelation throughout the days there.

With three extended times of worship and release of heartfelt songs, the spirit of worship and delight in Jesus was constantly with us.


Starting with the Vision of Worship and moving onto the Heart of Worship, the team was challenged spiritually and stretched in their concepts of worship in every area. As practical help was then addressed for the worship team, musicians and singers, the atmosphere became almost festive. At the end we spent some great time singing new songs from the Word of God, creating some wonderful expressions of faith and delight in Jesus.tim-destiny4

The third day, Sunday, was the ‘test’ when the worship team put into practice all that we had worked on over the weekend. We met at the Clackamas High School auditorium. They ‘passed the test’ beautifully as the spirit of worship and prophetic song flowed out over and over through the team and the congregation. Worship Pastor and leader, Angela Hjertstedt, lead passionately from the keyboard and ministered easily and confidently in the prophetic song. She has a true gift of leading people prophetically beyond the immediate song into the mysteries of His love and presence.

I then preached on the Song of Faith, showing the thread of His song throughout the Bible that leads us from the Song of Moses to the eternal song, the Song of the Lamb in Revelation. At the end the front of the auditorium was filled with eager ‘singers’ and worshipers singing their song of faith to their God. What a wonderful time and such a sweet presence throughout the weekend. We certainly left a piece of our heart there with Destiny. God bless you guys.

in Him,

Tim and Maryl

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