We are excited to announce the soon-to-be-released Piano in Worship DVD and Book – an instructional tool for worshiping pianists and keyboardists. Hundreds of students around the world have been released over the years in creative worship through the book. Now on the DVD, many more will be able to see and hear the unique yet simple patterns that Dr. Tim has used in worship for years (called ‘worship bridges’ or vamps). Using these basic yet creative techniques, the worship pianist can play virtually any song in any key as well as play during free-flowing moments in a worship service(i.e. during prayer times, testimonies, Bible-readings, altar calls, etc.)

We are making this DVD/Book available to pre-order online. The book has been reformatted and being made available along with the DVD all for only $49.95! An incredible value for a year’s worth of lessons and a lifetime of worship on your piano or keyboard! We hope to get this DVD and book into every church around the world that desires to be released in the creative flow of worship.

Special Offer: If you pre-order this amazing book and DVD now, shipping and handling is absolutely free.

Bonus – the first 100 orders will also receive their choice of one Dr. Tim Smith’s Live Worship CD’s, Without Hesitation or Come Be With Me. An incredible offer for a limited time.

So whether you are an experienced pianist or a beginner; a classically-trained pianist or by-ear; a hymn-enthusiast or looking for the CCLI top-25 songs – this DVD was created with you in mind – to release worship in multiple settings!

If you don’t play the piano or keyboard, consider sending this DVD/book as a gift it to someone who does or maybe a church or school you know could use it! All proceeds from this amazing resource will help further the ministry of Worship Without Borders as we ‘go into all the world’ releasing worship of Jesus Christ. Thank you for investing in transforming nations in worship.

Here are a few quotes from people who have used Piano in Worship to develop their ‘flow’ in worship:

I was so fortunate to have studied and trained under Dr. Tim Smith as my piano teacher, choir director and music pastor. Because of this, I received the blessing of knowing the beautiful free-flow in worship as my weekly worship experience and teaching. Not until I began to travel and minister myself in churches across the country, did I realize how these concepts are rare and revolutionary in releasing real freedom in worship. Now everywhere I travel I refer musicians to Tim’s book. Piano in Worship is rich with powerful tools for taking your church music ministry experience to new levels, and yet it is simple enough for the average church pianist to grasp. If you have felt limited as a church pianist [keyboardist] or you are a pastor or music minister sensing the stirring of the Lord for more creativity and depth in your praise and worship services, this is the material for you! You will not find another resource like it–it is truly Holy Spirit-inspired!”
Sara Paulson Brummett, Recording Artist & Music Minister, Palomar Heights Church, San Marcos, California

Learning the ‘worship bridges’ in Piano in Worship revolutionized my keyboarding skills and worship leading. The concept of “flowing” in worship is something that I’ve also been able to pass on. Tim’s instruction really unleashed potential that I didn’t know lay hidden in my limited piano skill. People say, ‘Wow, you sure know how to play’, and I tell them that what I’m doing is so simple! It is much less elaborate than most people think.”
Hilde Austad Stevenson, Vancouver, B.C.

I was just looking for my copy of Piano in Worship a few days ago so I could teach my son some options for the bVI bVII I chord progression as he accompanied us, and realized someone has stolen my copy! I could vote this the most likely to never be returned book I’ve ever had- way too helpful! From now on no more lending it out!”
Lynne Falk Woo, Utica, NY

Piano in Worship transformed me from an accompaniment pianist to a prophetic pianist. Trying all the different styles of vamps really expanded my boring rhythmic repertoire too. So many classical pianists have no idea where to begin when it comes to piano in worship, and Piano in Worship lays it out clearly and understandably.”
Lynne Falk Woo, Utica, NY

Piano In Worship improved my ability to worship at the piano. I haven’t found another resource that compares with the instruction, insight and creativity Tim Smith offers in this book. It’s easy for students to understand and is an invaluable tool for teachers and worship leaders. Whether you want to worship at home or lead a congregation of thousands, THIS is the book for you!”
Tammi MacDermid Gerchow, Everett, WA

I really do enjoy your Piano in Worship book. I love all the different worship vamps and finding different songs to use them with. It really helps to vary worship with different chords and different vamps which can change the feel. Thank you so much for putting such valuable information together in one place to help us all in our worship.”
Karen Bickel, Camas, WA

Sounds of Heaven are being released in the earth today! Tim Smith’s Piano In Worship paves the way for the Holy Spirit to create these new sounds on the piano. Originality explodes as pianists practice each riff. I believe that Tim and the Holy Spirit are excellent piano instructors, taking musicians deeper into the presence of God, the river of God. Every pianist will greatly benefit from this timeless classic, receiving inspiration for fulfilling their calling as one who leads others to the throne of God.”
Cheryl S. Bradley, Recording Artist, Lacey, WA

Tim’s teaching on worship, not only helped me as a musician but also as a worshiper. There was so much in Piano in Worship that helped me in my walk with God. It was truly a treasure, and I value everything it imparted into who I am today. I still to this day remember some of the progressions and bridges you wrote about in your book.”
Ashish Joy, Vancouver, B.C.

I was a trained classical organist and so learning to play for worship was a totally new approach for me. Tim’s patient and clear explanations made my goal attainable. Piano in Worship offers samples of many structures, each appropriate for a different type of worship song, from exuberant praise to quiet meditation. But the most important learning is to approach worship leading prayerfully. Skill is not enough, one must develop a worshiping heart. I am deeply grateful to Tim for leading my heart deep into worship.”
Margaret Harris, Piano Teacher, Aloha, OR

Can’t wait for you all to hear Tim’s intro and Philosophy on the new Piano in Worship DVD. Soooo good… every church musician NEEDS to hear this stuff.”
Michael Vossler, Owner of Impact Video and Audio Productions, Kenmore, WA

Few understand the true heart of worship as Tim Smith. As a pioneer, Tim was inspiring students long before worship music entered the mainstream. While his songs have been sung all over the world and inspired countless worshipers, the heart and wisdom of the man left an indelible impression that I’ve carried with me to this day. My years in the music ministry were made so much more meaningful thanks to the teaching of Tim Smith. If you are eager to truly understand God’s beating heart for humanity, you’ll want to learn from one of the masters. I’m honored to call him a mentor, friend and brother.”
Wesley Goo, Founder and Host, The Reinvention Community

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