*Good news! We mailed off our first shipment of the Piano in Worship DVD/Books last week.* Everyone who pre-ordered should be receiving their book/DVD very soon now! May God bless and enrich your worship through this valuable resource!

Here is a report from someone who just got their books and DVDs:

Absolutely arrived in good condition on Friday and were delivered to the two ladies for which I ordered them this weekend. They are excited about and are diving into the materials. One even tried applying some of the “techniques” right away in Sunday morning’s worship service after just looking through the book! The fruit is being MULTIPLIED!!!!!

Steve Noble, Beaverton, Oregon

Some people are wondering ‘what are the Smith’s and Worship Without Borders doing now?’ so I thought I would try to catch you up. We have been amazingly busy since India in February, so time to write has been precious and sparse. Besides finishing up our last major project and product, Piano in Worship DVD and book, we have been able to do a lot of ministry on the stateside.

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We were honored to teach at the Worship Northwest Conference in Salem Oregon alongside our friends Marty and Jeanne Nystrom and reconnect with Glenn Packiam. That was a wonderfully diverse and powerful conference. One of my old students from The Dalles, Cory Knowland, is one of the leaders there and doing an amazing job!

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We also ministered at many local churches throughout the Easter season which we thoroughly enjoyed. Then the highlight of April was going way up north to Alaska and doing two worship seminars with our friends up there. We stayed with Maryl’s brother and sister-in-law, James and Jennifer, for 10 days and really enjoyed our relaxing time with them and the kids. The first seminar was with the great people at Alliance Bible Church in Anchorage, Pastor Jeff Weisinger. They also invited a few other churches and worship people to join in the seminar and together we had a delightful time. Probably the highlight for me was to hear the people there sing their own new songs to the Lord from scripture or hymns. Their boldness and delight in singing was infectious and got us all singing at one point. I believe God planted some new vision, new thoughts and new songs in many people attending. We are getting good reports back from about our time together.

Overall, I was extremely pleased with your ministry, your connection with our team, your teaching spirit, the new songs, Maryl’s beautiful gift on the flute, and the way you were able to speak to the team at the level we are at.  I have been to many worship music seminars, but this was the first one that had immediate and lasting value.  Your handouts were important but I most value your Observations and Recommendations that you sent in follow up.

Ronda Weaver, Worship Coordinator, Alliance Bible Church, Anchorage, AK

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After our great time with ABC we got to work with a young worship team at Heritage Christian School in Anchorage and encourage them in their worship. We did get to do a little traveling down the Turnagain Arm and enjoy the beauty that is classic Alaska.


Finally we were honored to minister at Wasilla Assembly of God, with Pastor Ed Kalnins and the worship pastor Nathan Lopez and his team! What a great group, full of the spirit of God, ready and willing to do just about anything. We got into some rich moments of worship and flowing while releasing new songs in the team. They even borrowed a beautiful cello for me to play during our times of worship. Delicious sound! Nathan and the team have a very good flow and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit. It was just delightful to work with them and help release the fullness of spirit-expression in worship.

soundinworshipseminarAfter coming home, I went to Life Bible Church in Harrisburg, ORstevediamond1 to attend the Sound in Worship Seminar with Steve Diamond. This is such an excellent seminar that every sound person, worship pastor and pastor should either attend or have Steve in to their church. You will never hear the same again! Guaranteed! Excellent information, impartation and innovation at all levels, especially the part about ‘Psychoacoustics’! Look it up, it needs to be understood and addressed in every church around the world! God bless you Steve! After the seminar Life Bible Church invited me to join the worship team on the cello for all 3 weekend services. What a powerful time of flowing and ministry. All with a great sound system! Thanks Steve, and Pastors Brad and Jennifer Neuschwander!

Now we are looking at two great opportunities this month (see our Calendar above) that God opened up supernaturally recently. This week I fly to Puebla, Mexico (Pastor Phil Jaquith) to work once again with the wonderful worship teams at Fuente para El Mundo (they now have 3 campuses and 3 complete worship teams down there!) and then preach on Sunday! God is doing amazing things in Puebla. When I get back from Mexico, we immediately fly to Washington DC to be with our friends, Pastors Michael and Heather Giroux at City Church DC for our first time ever with them and their worship team. We will be working with the team on Thursday and all-day Saturday. On Sunday I have the honor of preaching at their downtown facility. We are very excited to be able to minister in our nation’s capital for the first time.

pianoinworship-demo-image-smallFinally, the Piano in Worship Book/DVD is being finished up this week and we should be mailing all the pre-orders out on Wednesday and Thursday. This is your last chance to get your pre-orders in. We would love to get this incredible resource into every church that desires to see worship flourish in their services.

Thank you all for your prayers and support. We are sensing His favor and grace in our lives as we continue to facilitate and release worship around the world.

God bless you richly in His presence,

Your worship missionaries, Tim and Maryl Smith

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