What a powerful time in Chisinau, Moldova! From the very first session at the worship conference to final service at a Russian-speaking church on Sunday, the Holy Spirit’s anointing on every moment was so evident! Here is a day-by-day account of an amazing week:

Thur Jan 24

Poured myself out in 4 worship sessions today. (11 to go) Loved working with these people. 17 churches sent their teams; not sure how many people were there but almost a full sanctuary – young and old, very responsive. Lotta tears and joy. Feeling a great anointing and ease with them. They found a cello for me so I pulled up ‘Our God’ in the evening service. Started the day with singing ‘Spaseeba’ which some knew.  Spoke/Sang/Prayed Psalm 23. Then played some cello and told my life story; that led that into Vision of Worship Part I. Used a couple of their Romanian translated songs in my notes – which I think really surprised them. Did Revealing Jesus in the first set and Revealing the Father and Holy Spirit in second set after lunch. Then did part of Leading the flow of worship before dinner. After dinner did my Bach/Our God on the cello and then shared the Worship words: ‘Shachah’ and ‘Proskuneo’. All in all a very eventful day. Old and young really enjoyed it and entered into everything I gave them to do. Loud speaking, praying and singing the Psalms. Laughter w Shachah and Proskuneo. Many, many great comments. Thanks for all the prayers. My voice and body was pretty tired by the end but no jet lag and just normal tired. Strong anointing in every session. Pastor Vitalie is ‘thrilled’ he called it superb. Making a lot of new friends.

Friday, Jan 25

Today was again doubly wonderful. Such a great response in laughter, worship, tears, earnest prayers, forgiveness. Even my practical workshops on the voice and instruments and flowing together were anointed and powerful. You could see and hear immediate improvement and change in so many ways. I did more of the Vision of Worship w Every Song is Vital and Every Word Alive plus Every Relationship Healthy ending with prayers of forgiveness over those who have wronged or hurt us. Powerful. I also finished my teaching for leaders w more practical ideas for rehearsals and actual services. I did a full workout with everyone for singing which was beautiful to hear the change in their voices. Then I worked with the musicians for voicing, making space, listening and arranging the contrasts in songs. They were so responsive and it turned out to be quite fun and you could see lights coming on in their minds and hearts. There is this young 10-year-old violinist too who plays by ear and does quite well spontaneously. Lots of fun. I sang and taught ‘Mighty God’ in Romanian (Dumnezeu) they all know Dan Damian who translated it for me. I sang ‘I Look to You’ (Laying Down my vain imaginations) in English which Dan also translated and many people started to sing it in Romanian – totally surprised me. So we ended up singing and teaching it to the rest of the conference in the evening. One of the worship pastors here came to me afterwards and told me she has sung that song since ’95 and it remains her absolute favorite song but never knew the author. She was thrilled to know it was me! I will be speaking at her church on Sunday afternoon. She is pretty excited. Pastor Vitalie loves what is happening and already got word from his Bishop that they want to bring me back in the summer to do more. Because of the winter, snow, ice and sickness, some churches and pastors (including the Bishop) could not attend. On the plus side there are 17 churches represented here w some coming from over 100km away! Some wanted to only come and pay for one day to see if it was worth coming to. They have ended up staying and loving it. I hear there are even conservative groups and Baptists here too – everyone is entering in getting so much out of it. My voice has held up strong. I did talk softer today to pace my voice so that helped. Lots of water too! Got pretty good rest last night and hoping for even more tonight! Pastor Vitalie keeps plying me with more food than I can eat. I have a great reserve of lots of food now in my hotel room! :) He doesn’t want me to starve apparently! :) 

Saturday Jan26

Today’s sessions were great and ended with a wonderful time of prayer over the people. I started the day with Psalm 103 (first day was Ps 23; second day Ps 20 – speak/sing/pray) and they have really taken to that now – very loud and excited about singing the psalms. I finished the Worship Team in the Flow notes to help them see how to flow in an actual service and stay activated, engaged and sensitive. After the break I shared concerning creativity and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit in the worship. Illustrated different ideas (like ‘Our God Reigns’ faster) and it was fun but it got really powerful when I used How Great is Our God w different tempos then in minor key, then broke into a la la la la sort of a Hebrew feel then into Awesome God and back into How Great! They started clapping, singing, laughing and pretty thrilled to see how you can do something like that. ‘Our God’ was the tying phrase between the songs. Hope it was recorded because it was pretty amazing (if I don’t say so myself- ha). Then I sat down and had a Q&A with them. They wrote down some pretty good questions of what to do when… I think I answered them pretty good!? Very comfortable and casual time. I ended the day with praying over the people. First, I brought up all the young musicians who played orchestral instruments (violin, trumpet, sax, etc.) and prayed for anointing and release over them (about 14) I got everybody praying (they are good pray-ers) so it got pretty loud and the anointing of the Holy Spirit was strong in the room. Then I had all the other musicians (bass, guitar, drums, keys) lift their hands and had everybody praying for anointing over them. I ran around the room laying hands on them and praying for them. Then I brought up all the main worship leaders for each church (about 15) and laid hands on them for a new release and anointing on their lives, to receive the mantle of boldness and authority for their church. Powerful time. Then they presented me w some gifts and prayed over me. Sweet time of blessing. Then we took a group picture. Fun.

Of course, many say ‘we wish we had known…’ I try to warn people! But they are already in talks with many churches about having me (us) back during the summer. I was told they have never had anything like this and they are thrilled! My iPad died this morning so I had to use my laptop. Time for a new one when i get home. :( 

Sunday Jan 27

What a day! Preached at 5 services in one day! Up at 6am. Picked up at 7am. Breakfast at the church at 7:30am. Russian Service at 8am (New Life – Pastor Vitalie) Mostly older people.

Played cello for the worship. Sang ‘Spaseeba’ first, then preached on Forgiveness and got through most of it. Wonderful response as people lifted up their hands to release others from their unforgiveness. Vitalie was thrilled! Second service was Romanian at 10am at New Life again w mostly younger people. They sang one song and then I sang Dumnezeu and preached because I had to get to the next church by 11:30am. Forgiveness went over real well with a lot of humor. Again great response. Drove quickly to next church, Elim (where I am staying) and ran right into their service. Worship was very good. Didn’t have time to setup cello so I just sang. Smaller venue but sweet and very responsive. Forgiveness again and I’m starting to get my ending down so the reaction was more visceral and emotional for many people as they released a person by name out of their prison. Pretty powerful. The pastor was blown away. He was expecting a nice little sermon on worship and what he got far exceeded his expectation. He seemed stunned at my content and delivery! I love surprising people. Ha. He took me to lunch and then to the final church, Filadelfia (2 Russian services 3 and 5pm) There again, no cello, no real place for it anyway so that was okay. Beautiful facility, lights, fog, etc. Great worship team and very sharp, energetic, engaged, happy. It was fun. The worship pastor was the lady who loves ‘I Look to You’. She runs a tight ship and they love it. They use Master Tracks to fill out the missing parts. It works for them. I ministered on Renouncing Unforgiveness and went into my notes on Forgiveness. I ended with them thinking of a name of a person they have a real hard time with, and then putting that name into their hand, lift the hand and release them to God and His forgiveness. Once again the pastor was blown away by my material and delivery. Great response. Wonderful day! Exhausted! took a great group pic at the end!

Monday, Jan 28

Today was great. Got a great night of sleep. Went with Pastor Vitalie to see the sights of Chisinau. Wonderful day seeing a whole different culture and doing some shopping at their outdoor market. Finally we went to the School of Music where Vitalie had borrowed the cello. Met the bass teacher who owned the cello. Sweet fellow, ended up playing Bach with him and his student who was just learning it on the electric bass. fun. got video of that! That evening I went downstairs to the church on the first floor and met w the worship team from Elim (where I am staying) for 2 hours. An unplanned meeting that they begged me for. Great meeting w Q&A and lots of laughter and cultural discoveries. Ended with a group pic and then back to my room to pack.

Tuesday, Jan 29

My flight was canceled due to fog so had to wait another day to leave.

Wednesday, Jan 20

Flight was again canceled due to fog but they had two flights out that afternoon to Istanbul so I was delighted to get the first one out (I heard no more flights went out for two more days!)

Got to Istanbul and stayed overnight to catch the flight to San Francisco the next day. Home by Thursday night instead of Tuesday night! ? But I got home safe and sound to my beautiful wife! ?

All in all, a powerful whirlwind – 16 sessions in 4 days – ministry! Made many new friends, made a deep impact through teaching with 17 different churches and got to minister in 5 services on Sunday in 3 churches with tremendous response to the message of forgiveness! That’s a personal record! ? Came home very tired but looking forward to returning to our friends in Moldova! Thanks for all those prayers that keeps us going! (Heading to India next!)



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