WWOB in 2020

Ministry | Saturday, April 18th, 2020

We have been so blessed to know and minister and worship with so many wonderful and amazing people around this area and the world! Thank you for your prayers and support and encouragement! Your investment in worship around the world is paying off! We continue by the grace of God, His calling on our lives, and the many friends who pray and love on us so much!

Friends in India 2020

We all know now that the calling on each of our lives is being challenged by the new pandemic that has come to all of our nations in different degrees. Like so many other ministries around the world, we had to cancel many international trips and even local ministry due to the restrictions now in place. But we know that God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. 2 Tim 1:7 We are called to stay the course, because we are in Good (God) Company!

Trust in Him

The concept of isolation is really a misnomer since we are never truly alone or isolated – it just seems that way right now. But isn’t it amazing how much more connected we have become on social media and the many platforms available to us?! Maryl and I are certainly much closer though we have worked together out of our house for 13 years since starting Worship Without Borders in 1996, teamed with her midwifery (Womansong Midwifery).


Our delight and challenge is now to see how much we can accomplish from a fairly stationary position and of course prosper financially, emotionally, mentally and in every way! I personally love connecting with as many people around the world as is possible on a daily basis. Calling, texting, WhatsApp, Messenger, email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facetime, Skype, Zoom (I’m tired just writing all of that!) etc. Please feel free to contact us on any of those platforms. We would love to hear from you!

In the meantime praying, worshiping, meditating, reading, writing and creating have become the patterns for the day and sustain us through these long potentially boring days. Please let us know if there is anything we can agree with you in prayer. We will gladly join you in believing for God’s favor and grace to come into your situation.

Praying with Malachi

Be blessed and inspired in this season of challenge and innovation. As always God is up to something! Search it out and run with it.


Tim and Maryl

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