WWOB celebrates 14 years of International Ministry

Ministry | Sunday, November 29th, 2020

This month Worship Without Borders marks 14 years of international ministry – 25 nations, hundreds of churches, and thousands of worshipers around the world have been impacted and transformed in the beautiful presence of Jesus Christ!

We have been so honored to represent Jesus and release His worship throughout the nations. Through seminars, clinics and conferences we have been able to directly touch pastors, worship pastors, worship teams and whole congregations. With practical and inspirational teaching as well as demonstration and impartation, we have seen every church experience new realms of Christ-centered, Holy Spirit-inspired and faith-filled worship.

Our History:

14 years ago, November 2006, we stepped out in faith and started a unique international worship ministry: Worship Without Borders! I resigned my worship pastor position at Living Hope Fellowship in Aloha, OR and established this new non-profit ministry that would teach, equip and release thousands of worshipers around the world!

Our very first weekend of ministry was at The City Church (now called ‘churchome‘) in Seattle, WA. My brother, Pastor Wendell Smith, invited us up there to launch our ministry and also to honor our great friends, Steve and Taffy Carpenter (leaving to minister in Israel!), with a wonderful night of worship – We are so thrilled to share this anniversary with them (see Highway 19) . Also, that same weekend, my nephew and his wife, Brent and Virginia Earwicker, left their comfortable world here in Oregon to establish a beachhead of God’s grace on the islands of Lake Victoria in Uganda (see Bold Ventures)!

Now 14 years later, Steve and Taffy and their 3 amazing kids live in Israel, networking prayer and worship ministries not only in Israel but also around the world – God has greatly favored them every where they go!

And Brent and Virginia have established brand new churches throughout the 3000 islands of Lake Victoria, training and networking as well as seeing powerful demonstrations of God’s love to these wonderful people through healing, salvation and deliverance everywhere they go. We are so proud of them. We encouraging everyone to donate to these amazing and worthwhile ministries!

So, from that momentous weekend, we proceeded to do seminars first in the United States and Canada and then going into the nations wherever God led us. We have ministered in 25 nations so far including Uganda, China, Russia, India, Brazil, Mexico and many more!

We continue to look for eager and willing ministry partners to travel and minister with us internationally. So far dozens have had the opportunity to minister around the world with us.

If you have attended any of our seminars, conferences, workshops around the world, we would love to hear from you in this special season of God’s favor and outpouring everywhere we go. Here are some testimonials from many of the nations and cities we have gone to over the last 11 years.

This is a great time to invest in worship in every nation! Please join us!

To donate:

Go to our ministry site (wwob.org) or mail a check to:

SongSmith Ministries/7679 SW Bayberry Dr/Aloha/OR/97007

in Him,

Dr. Tim and Maryl Smith, your worship missionaries

7679 SW Bayberry Dr.   Aloha, OR 97007

SongSmith Ministries DBA Worship Without Borders

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