Our first ministry opportunity in Hawai’i began in Captain Cook on the big island in January! Our host church was Bible First Mission Church, Pastor Steve Ganz (interim pastor and good friend)

What a wonderful time spent with our friends and fellow-worshipers there. We felt so at-home the whole time! We love getting to know precious saints all over the world and this church was loaded with them – from the worship pastor Tony and his wife Davalynn, worship leader Minnie, guitarist Curtis, Cajonist Jay, bassist Ku’ulei, keyboardist Malana (Ganz), singer Larry and sound guy (and elder) Josh, we felt their welcoming ‘Aloha’ in our hearts!

Starting off with a powerful Friday night of worship and vision complete with old and new songs – led by the Holy Spirit – the whole church showed up and entered in wholeheartedly! It is easy to teach and release in such an open environment! The big song: I Speak Jesus – went into free praise and spiritual songs! Wonderful!

Saturday was a vigorous hands-on with the whole team, working on our giftings and releasing them in a spiritual atmosphere. We worked on leading the flow and having the whole team engaged in the flow as well as how to release the congregation in Spirit-led worship. Their response was amazing! For six hours we learned to flow together and open up our hearts to the Holy Spirit in worship.

Sunday then became a showcase for the Holy Spirit to shine and sing through every song and every moment! The team really stepped up and flowed with me and Maryl (on the flute) – I also brought my Yamaha electric cello and was able to use it a lot during some of the worship times! The dramatic change in the worship team was evident to everyone and the congregation jumped in to what God was doing in the worship. Prophetic songs flowed and people responded to His call! I preached on the Song of Faith that God wants to put in each of our hearts and mouths! Ending with a great time of worship together!

What a delight to worship with our friends on the island! I do need to restart my work on the ukulele though! ? God is doing good things there – the seed is sown on good soil! Blessings Bible First Mission Church! We love you and cant wait to see what God does for you in the future! And we cant wait to return and enjoy the fruit!

In Him,

Dr Tim and Maryl Smith

PS – We did get to spend 3 days enjoying the island with our friends Steve and Malana Ganz! What a treat!

PPS – a couple weeks later we did return to India but out of an abundance of caution we decided not to post pictures or give details at this time. Thanks for your covering prayers!

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