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Wow, what an amazing Summer Worship Camp Pastor Tim! Everyone was so kind and professional.. you were all such incredible instructors! You all were so rich in the Word, patient and generous with your time.
It’s rare to find mentors who want to break bread with students to get to know them better. I know that helped each of us feel more relaxed around one another and bond as a team.Many thanks to you, Agape Church, and the mentors for everything! Truly excellent—- Encore please!

Pastor Marla Strong, Life Change Church, Portland OR

Worship Without Borders Summer Worship Camp was an experience filled with the fruits of the Spirit for me, my family and our church. Tim and Bryan truly love Jesus so deeply through the way they worship and the way they teach about practical worship, that it has changed and impacted our way of thinking and doing worship. They love what they do and Who they do it for. We are very blessed and thankful! Thank you! Pastor Fane Campean, Agape Bible Church, Portland OR

Summer Worship Camp inspired students, strengthened our worship team, and elevated the level of worship in our entire church. Months later, we still feel the positive effects and are looking forward to the next worship infusion! Pastor Andrew Cromwell, Koinonia Church, Hanford, CA

Worship Without Border’s very first Summer Worship Camps 2023 exceeded expectations in
both locations: Koinonia Church in Hanford CA and Agape Bible Church in Portland OR!
With multiple churches participating at each location, we (Tim Smith and Bryan Bettis) were able
to impact many different congregations and their worship teams. From Monday through Friday
everyday 10am to 4pm – the campers were immersed in engaging worship and teaching that
challenged and inspired them in new and exciting ways.

Each day started with a rich time of devotional worship with Bryan leading and Tim on the electric
cello. Every session seemed to be simmering with the Holy Spirit and there was a lot of spontaneous
moments in worship. The next two hours were filled with finding our spiritual identity in Christ and
biblical teaching on praise and worship – engaging the students both spiritually and physically!

We did some special sessions throughout the week on songwriting – getting the students to write
and express themselves in song through various means – most had never written their own songs
before! Using a combination of the Word and inspiration of the Holy Spirit, every student got to
experience a whole new way of expressing their hearts!

What a delight to hear the beginnings of beautiful songs of worship coming from these young
writers! They also had the opportunity to collectively write a 2nd verse to a song that Bryan and Alfred
Gomez (Worship Pastor from Koinonia) had partially written. It was beautiful to hear a final product
of this song (Harvest) at the closing worship session on Friday!
In the afternoon sessions we had breakouts for practical individual instrument training from master
teachers for guitars, bass, drums, keys and voice! We saw immediate growth from Monday to Friday
in everyone – from beginners to advanced levels!

Each class worked on basics in theory and application as well as 5 songs that we would put
together for our Friday finale! After the breakouts we brought everybody back to practice as a whole
worship team with practical advice on flowing together as well as rehearsing the 5 songs as a team.
This allowed everybody the experience of listening and working with other musicians and singers in
a band scenario. They adapted so well and so quickly! By Friday, we saw great improvement in skill
and greater understanding of our identity in worship as well as inspiring each camper to sing and
write their own songs!

Our Finale on Friday afternoon was the culmination of a powerful week together – learning to
worship, sing, write, and flow together! Family and friends were invited to join us as we sang the five
songs we had been practicing all week in our breakouts plus some of the original songs that were
written by the campers ending with a rousing rendition of the Doxology (a capella!).
We sense through the success of these first camps, that these are something that we should
continue in the future. So we are now praying for the next step in releasing more worshipers through
this powerful format – stay tuned!

We’re also thrilled to announce that we are releasing a new ‘Worship Intensive’. This immersive,
hands-on development experience will be the weekend version of our summer camp and will be
available for local churches in 2024! For more info on how you can host a Summer Worship Camp or Worship Intensive in your area, email us here!

We are so honored to be a part of releasing worship around the world!
In Him,
Tim Smith and Bryan Bettis

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