Introduction to Worship Without Borders Seminars

Our desire is to restore passion for the revelation of Jesus in worship and to impart the necessary skills to experience and express Him. – Dr. Tim Smith

Each Worship Without Borders seminar is adapted and customized to your unique timeTim teaching frame and your church’s specific needs. It’s easy to build your own seminar focus and schedule using our helpful frameworks and the detailed class descriptions listed on this website. This format will optimize the impact the seminar has upon your local worship ministry because you can focus on the areas you desire to strengthen.

Every seminar is preceded with a comprehensive worship ministry survey that is filled out by the host church and returned at least two weeks before the seminar. Dr. Tim will use this information to fine-tune the classes you select to more closely meet your needs. It also provides a foundation for us to invest in specific prayer for your church, individual musicians by name and the upcoming teaching and vision planting.

After each seminar, Dr. Tim will mail the host church a personalized worship ministry evaluation and recommendations that will continue to assist you as you invest in your worship ministry well beyond the completion of the seminar.

Financial considerations while hosting a WWOB worship seminar

Worship Without Borders has always been committed to working on a church-by-church basis according to financial ability. We believe God wants us to be sowing into all sizes of churches at all stages of growth and that is why we purposely don’t set fees. Instead, we rely upon the relationships we build and the wonderful people we meet to generate joyful, faith-motivated giving to the mission of Worship Without Borders.  Besides sowing good seed into your own church through a seminar, your financial gift is what supports us in the missions component of what we do. It enables us to continue reaching strategic places overseas that otherwise could not afford to bring in this vital training. Because of the offerings we receive from people like you, we have been able to have significant impact in developing nations where hearts are primed and hungry to encounter the beautiful presence of Jesus through worship. Experience has shown us that evangelism explodes and salvation follows in wake of dynamic training in worship. We have no other major source of funding for this work but you. We are no longer on staff at a church or another ministry.
Along with your love offering, there are certain, basic financial needs during a seminar for which we will need your assistance. Those include:
  1. Travel expenses – We typically fly economy and have a wonderful agent who helps us keep those costs reasonable.
  2. Housing and Meals – Our expenses while staying with you. (hotel, guest housing, meals, etc.). Extravagant housing isn’t necessary.  Just a quiet, comfortable place to lay our heads at night.
  3. Honorarium – We are often asked to state a minimum ballpark amount that would be helpful. While there is no set fee, a love offering is accepted. Please call if you need a firm price.
  4. Option – For smaller venues we suggest inviting other churches together for an area seminar followed by a Saturday Worship Night with a collective love offering.
  5. Monthly gifts – If you believe in what we do through Worship Without Borders, but cannot manage a large, one-time gift, consider breaking your contribution into smaller, monthly gifts. It is critical that we grow a solid, monthly base of support so that ongoing needs are met while we are ministering  overseas.
  6. Worship Resources – We do have some resources available for sale that supplement our support. You could certainly help us by promoting these wonderful products with your congregation and worship teams.
We are missionaries serving a vital function of the church.  Worship has a deep, profound impact on the spiritual health of churches and evangelizing of people groups and nations.   You can partner with us in that missions effort. We want to be wise in redeeming our time and resources as God allows. He is faithful and has lead us wonderfully for years. We love doing what God has called us to do and we hope to continue on for many years to come. Thank you for your investment in your worship of the Lord Jesus Christ in your church and around the world!

John 15:16 You have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you, that you should go and bring forth fruit, and that your fruit should remain: that whatever you ask of the Father in my name, he may give it to you.