Worship Intensive goes for 3 days, starting Friday night, all day Saturday, ending on Sunday morning.

  • Starting Friday night with an exciting general worship session, Dr. Tim Smith will lead and guide your team through some wonderful discoveries in worship and set vision for worship in your church.
  • Saturday begins with breakfast, a stirring general session and then will have 3 worship workshops of your choice (choose from 17 great options crafted for the local church and modified for each church).
  • Saturday night will be another general session as well as an actual rehearsal for Sunday morning followed by a time of prayer and ministry over your team. Dr. Tim will help the worship leader and worship team craft an exciting time of praise and worship for the whole church and guide the team through the process of working together.
  • Sunday morning, your team will lead the vibrant time of worship followed by an inspiring challenge from Tim.
  • Post-Seminar you will receive a brief evaluation and recommendations for your whole worship ministry.

Worship Intensive Summary:
– Friday night, Saturday all day and Sunday morning
– 3 worship workshops taught (maximum) (Saturday day)
– 3 general worship sessions (Friday night and Saturday morning & night)
– Sunday worship and teaching provided
– Post-Seminar brief evaluation and recommendations made

Worship Intensive Suggested Schedule

– Noon arrival
– Dinner with Pastor and leaders
– 7pm Worship Team Audition (local team leads)
– General Worship Session
– 9am Breakfast with worship team
– General Worship Session
– Worship Workshop (class)
– Lunch with worship team
– Worship Workshop (class)
– Break
– Worship Workshop (class)
– Dinner with Pastor and Leaders
– 7pm General Worship Session & Prayer Time (Creating the Sunday worship service)
– Prayer Session
– Regular worship service — Your worship team leads; Dr. Tim preaches
– Noon – Celebration Feast