Worship Inclusive – 3 day Seminar for Multiple Churches (suggested schedule)

Worship Inclusive goes for 3 days, starting Friday night, all day Saturday, ending on Sunday morning.

  • Starting Friday night Dr. Tim Smith shares the vision for the weekend together.
  • Saturday morning and afternoon Tim will have 3 worship workshops of your choice (choose from 17 great options crafted for the local church and modified for each church).
  • Saturday night will be the final general session with all the churches, with an invitation to all church congregations to join in for a Community Night of Worship, plus a great time of prayer and ministry for all.
  • Sunday morning, the host worship team will lead the vibrant time of worship followed by an inspiring challenge from Dr. Tim.
  • Post-Seminar, you will receive a thorough evaluation and recommendations for your host church’s worship ministries.

Worship Inclusive Summary:
– Friday evening through Sunday morning
– 3 worship workshops taught (maximum)
– 2 general worship sessions
– Sunday worship with host team and preaching by Dr. Tim (provided if desired)
– Thorough evaluation and recommendations of all host church’s worship ministries given post-seminar

Worship Inclusive Suggested Schedule

– Arrive noon
– Dinner with Leaders
– PM Church Vision for Worship
– 9am Breakfast with worship Teams
– 10am General Worship Session
– 11am Worship workshop (class)
– Noon Lunch with worship team
– 1pm General Worship Session
– 2pm Worship workshop (class)
– 3pm Worship workshop (class)
– 6pm Dinner with Pastors and Leaders
– 7pm Worship & Prayer Session for Whole Community
– Prayer Session (at Host Church)
– Regular worship service — Host Worship Team; Dr. Tim preaches
– Noon – Celebration Feast