Testimonials from around the World

Dr Tim Smith’s practical worship workshop to our worship team was outstanding!! His teaching on worship to our congregation was interactive and brought us all to a deeper level in our understanding of the presence of the Lord. Jeff Wells, Pastor, Rockpoint Church, Newberg, OR
“O India, my India”……that is the refrain, like a mother cooing to a babe in her arms, that I kept hearing knocking around in my brain the whole time I was in India. It seemed as though for the stretch of a few short days that I had some how tapped into the mind of God and was able to experience his heart and love for his people in this strange and foreign land. The experience softened and ultimately melted me. This was something that many people in my life had been praying for and I had been subconsciously longing for myself for over a decade. I have to be honest though, I really wasn’t expecting much. And yet, maybe that is the very secret ingredient to the formula that helped me to tap into God’s heart. I didn’t place expectations on Him or myself. I just showed up and was willing. I’ve believed for years now that one of the simplest ways to be successful in business is just to show up and do what you said you’d do. 8 times out of 10 that puts you in a place to beat all the other guys. It keeps occurring to me that this holds to be true in this situation as well. There is no doubt in my mind; God reached out and touched me in India and it was in his timing and at the place of his choosing but I can’t help but thinking that perhaps I helped facilitate the experience through my willingness just to show up and do what I said I would do with no expectations. There is also no doubt in my mind that God used me to deeply touch and change the lives of all the students we ministered to in India and that this is the very way that he touched me vicariously. These kids were like sponges. To be able to look deep into their eyes and impart teaching and truths while also building them up as human beings renewed in me a since of usefulness and purpose. It was humbling. I think a part of me wanted to go to India to “find myself” and hear God speak to me but instead he showed me a way to find within myself a purpose. He demonstrated to me, in the best way possible, the rich fulfillment that can be found in being a conduit of His love to others. I believe the trip has changed my life.

  David Phillips, Saratoga, CA

Our worship team was blessed in so many ways by our weekend conference with Dr. Tim and Maryl Smith. We received solid, practical teaching that we have implemented during practices and service times. We will continue to utilize the teaching materials provided with our workshops, as they are easy to follow and filled with helpful pointers. We appreciated Dr Tim’s easy-going, joy-filled attitude that permeated the workshop sessions, as as the anointed times of corporate worship and teaching on Friday night and Sunday morning. It was easy to see Tim and Maryl’s vision to connect God’s people to a closer relationship with Him through praise and worship. I would recommend Dr. Tim’s seminars to any worship team and/or local church that wants to grow spiritually and practically.

Michelle Grassauer, Worship Pastor, New Song Christian Fellowship, Springfield, OR

‘The only way I can describe what took place this morning is like “A Spring Gardening” it was like a continual watering of our spirit and Papa Gardner came through each row and was picking out weeds and mended broken branches. It felt like a refreshing healing rain. When Denise was up there with her light green flags dancing, the message was reinforced- He was making all things new. Haha taking the spirit of heaviness, and giving us a garment of praise “if we want it or not!! ” thank you Pastor Tim Smith for pastoring us through worship today, I know I wasn’t the only one who felt this way and was touched in a very deep way down to the roots. Please tell Meryl how much her gift blessed us also. Watching the two of you minister together with such unity has been an inspiration to me! Love you both and am beyond grateful to have your impartation to Destiny.’

Rachelle Hjertstedt Layzell, Destiny Christian Fellowship, Happy Valley, OR

Tim Smith is one of the most outstanding ministries I know to bring people into true worship. For more than 3 decades he has kept his ministry in Brazil and around the world on the cutting edge of musical ministry as a team and worship as a corporate expression that is truly anointed. Dr. Smith has ministered to our local church and in our national conferences and is comfortable in all these venues. His personal character, talent and anointing give his biblical teaching all the proof that he’s the real deal. Tim’s humble spirit sometimes hides the powerful man of God that touches and influences nations towards true worship and praise of the living God.

Dr. Michael Piper, Founder of Comunidade Cristã de Curitiba, President of MFI-Brasil

Worship Without Borders is a true gift to the body of Christ.  Dr. Tim and Maryl Smith are able to impart life and passion as they teach and demonstrate true worship.  Our worship team was encouraged and inspired on many levels.  What was most noticeable was their unique gift to speak to the heart of worship while, at the same time, instructing technical excellence in worship.  This approach to training was a tremendous blessing to our worship team and our entire church.

Pastor Michael Giroux, The City Church DC, Washington D.C.

Dr Tim & his wife Maryl are not only friends, but I would consider them a mother and father in worship ministry.  We are all familiar with the need for ministry beyond mere teaching, and this couple provides that and more.  We have had the Smiths in to our church to work with the worship team many times and they have certainly left a great deposit in the team.  I’m honored to know them and recommend Tim & Maryl to any church in any nation.

Pastor Derrill Corbin, Executive Pastor, City Bible Church, Portland, OR

When I was in junior high (Oh so long ago) I believe our new choir director was just fresh out of college. It was none other than Tim Smith, who later became Dr. Smith. I would have to say he had the greatest impact for my life of all my teachers at that age. I even had the privilege of babysitting for his family and saw a glimpse of his private life which was beyond reproach. For a young teen, trying to fit in and figure life out, his quiet, gentle approach had a great impact on me as well as our entire class. We went from being a rambunctious, out of control, group of animals to a real choir. The year before him we drove the last teacher out in tears and the vice principal was our teacher until she could compose herself and come back. His passion for music rubbed off on me and we formed a girls group to sing a special song. I have since continued on and now write my own music and have produced 3 CD’s. I am not sure I would have figured out how much I love music with a different teacher and may have ended up with more time on my hands to get into trouble like other kids I knew. He didn’t really push faith or God to us but he definitely lived out his faith in the class room.

Denise Werner, Madras, OR

We have been greatly blessed by the ministry of WWOB through Tim and Maryl Smith.  Their heart for God, and their infectious desire to invite others to authentic worship has greatly impacted our congregation.  They genuinely invite people before the throne of God to experience His amazing love.  In addition, they provided a great deal of practical helps for our worship team in helping them to see their role in leading the congregation in worship.  I highly recommend the ministry of WWOB to any congregation seeking a greater commitment and depth in their musical worship and the equipping of their teams to do so.

Pastor Jeff Wiesinger, Alliance Bible Church, Anchorage, AK

Thank you Tim, for such an awesome and memorable experience in Metapan, El Salvador. As you taught and shared in our “Worship the King” seminar, truly the presence of God came and the people experienced God in new ways. Comments such as these indicated how effective your ministry was:

“We received in a very different way and are happy and satisfied”.

“We have never seen it that way before”.

“People understood it”.

“Excellent, really good”.

I personally was refreshed and rejuvenated in the presence of the Lord that descended as you flowed in such anointed and prophetic worship. The Body of Christ globally needs to hear this message on the Biblical, timeless principles of scriptural praise and worship. These, when applied, will cause the sovereign presence of God to be evident in a service, individual lives daily and release people to flow in liberty and the gifts of the Spirit.


Pastors, do you want to see praise and worship elevated to new heights in your Sunday service? Do you want to have your congregation ushered into the “throne zone” of the Lord? Do you want to see an increase in the supernatural presence of God and the gifts of the Spirit more evident? Then I highly recommend the ministry of Pastor Tim Smith unreservedly! He is a man filled with the Holy Spirit, gifted and anointed by God, called for such a time as this for the body of Christ. His biblical knowledge and insights in regards to praise and worship spiritually, technically and practically will inspire and enhance your worship team’s ability to lead your church to the mountaintop experience of God’s presence. His love for the sovereign presence of the Lord guides him to work with worship teams on the spiritual, technical and practical principles that are timeless for every generation regardless of music and styles. These will help move a congregation into the “high praises” of God and see the prophetic song and new song released. His skillfulness upon the instruments provides incredible opportunity to demonstrate to musicians and singers the most effective way to inspire people to engage in praise and worship.

Pastor Roy Rubuiak- Abbotsford Christian Assembly, Abbotsford, BC, Canada

What a privilege  and honor was to be part in the seminar held in Metapán, El Salvador by Dr. Tim Smith as his translator and see how this kind of praise and worship that he teaches moves you in to the presence of God for this is the sole purpose when we gather corporately and as individually. Such a ministry is lost in many congregations for the lack of teaching and what a blessing it is to have a servant of God like Dr. Smith teaching and equipping leaders in such an important ministry in the Churches today, it is a true blessing to have.
Francisco Galdamez- Abbotsford Christian Assembly, Abbotsford, BC, Canada

Tim Smith’s worship conference here at our Church in Abbotsford B.C. was nothing short of brilliant. We involved all our worship teams from every department in the Church and they were so encouraged with the wide range of experience that Tim imparted to them. The teaching was well delivered to fit our scenario and worked well to strengthened our spiritual, technical and practical expressions. Tim loves the local Church and has a passionate heart for worship and worshipers and communicated this clearly in how he invested himself fully in all our worship ministries and the many individuals from sound and media people to musicians and singers and the many key leaders. He had time for everyone! What a blessing he has been to our Church I would love for you to have him and not miss out on this awesome ministry. You will be greatly encouraged and propelled forward in your worship.

Pastor Mitch Borrows, Abbotsford Christian Assembly, Abbotsford, BC Canada

Hello from Oregon! Just wanted to let you guys know we made it home safe. Thanks for inviting us! It was a life changing experience (in Guatemala) and we really appreciated being able to be with you and Maryl! God Bless and Safe Travels!

Jacob Schmelzer, Worship Pastor, Medford, Oregon

Hello brother, I just wanna say its been a blessing having you guys and the whole band also with us this week, for me it’s a privilege sharing time with such people like you, I just wanna bless your ministry and your life, may God be the strength for you to continue on and on, and once again THANKS I really appreciate you and your wife and the band, Wake Up the Dawn. :)

Marcos Cano, Guitarist, Guatemala

“Tim and Maryl’s worship workshop was a wonderful experience for our music teams and those of the fellowships who attended! The entire seminar was not only a great worship experience, but we gained solid direction in a biblical vision for our fellowship’s praise and worship. Additionally, we have a great toolkit to develop and monitor the skillset of our musicians as well as the overall management of our worship teams. Tim’s wealth of experience and passion for worship made this one of the most valuable seminar’s I’ve ever attended as a worship leader. If you lead worship and you have an opportunity to attend – you will be greatly blessed regardless your musical background and experience!” Blessings,

Rob Bailey, Worship Leader, Xiamen, China

Thank you for conducting the workshop in Xiamen! The big thing I’m taking away from the workshop is that when I’m practicing piano scales, I should look up at people in the room, and recite Scripture, instead of looking at my hands.  I tried it last night — I turned our electronic keyboard so that I could see everyone in the living room while practicing.  It’s definitely more fun and less boring!  I’ve been thinking I should memorize Scripture in Chinese; here’s my chance!  I can memorize Chinese scriptures while practicing scales! The second (related) thing is that I should practice every song in every key, also without looking at my hands.  Doing so will free me up to have eye contact with the congregation, and to be able to be in the right key when spontaneous singing starts. Sincerely yours,

Nina Leong, Worship Leader, Xiamen, China

Mike Herron, you and Tim Smith were the first to introduce me to prophetic song which greatly impacted me as a songwriter.

Marty Nystrom, Integrity Music Songwriter, Kirkland, Washington

It was such a pleasure and joy to be in the retreat together and to sit at the feet of Jesus and learn so much through you.  Thank you for being willing.  Honestly, I am finding that I am still digesting what was taught and have already seen great improvement in my ministry to the Lord.  This past weekend we lead worship at our fellowship and I heard great improvement in my voice, pitch, and in the Lord’s anointing. I have been praying fervently for this and believe that greater things are to come (always for His pleasure and glory!). To be honest with you, lately, there have been a few more opposing forces in that area of my life and I have been doubting, so much, whether I was in the right ministry or not, but since the retreat I have been receiving a lot of confirmation, affirmation, and healing from the Holy Spirit to strengthen me.  I praise Him.  He is so faithful to me! Just thought I’d share a bit of that with you both and thank you once again for your time, ministry, sacrifice, and willingness. God bless you! Draw near to Him…..He will draw near to you!

Maryann Mwenya, Worship Leader, Zambia

Hermano Tim Smith, Dios lo bendiga.Fue una gran honor y placer conocerlo y conocer su ministerio que de parte de Dios esta bendiciendo a muchas personas al rededor del mundo, gracias por compartir su tiempo y sus enseñanzas con nosotros y deseamos como Fraternidad de Pastores de Metapan, que usted y su familia sea mas bendecida por la mano de nuestro Dios todopoderoso y que nuestra adoracion sea para nuestro Señor Jesus.Le envio unas fotos y videos del Seminario de Alabanza y Adoracion 2013 en Metapan, El SalvadorBendiciones. Brother Tim Smith, God bless him.It was a great honor and pleasure to meet and know his ministry from God is blessing to many people around the world, thanks for sharing your time and teachings with us and we want as Metapan Pastors Fellowship, you and your family be more blessed by the hand of almighty God and our worship to our Lord Jesus.I send some pictures and videos of Praise and Worship Seminar 2013 in Metapan, El Salvador Blessings.

Wilber Estrada Elias Lemus, Secretary of the Fellowship of Pastors, Metapan, El Salvador

“Thank you!!! How many times I have been visiting or singing in a church these days and I sat there thinking, none of these worship leaders are being taught what you taught us about choosing the right key for the song. To me, it’s reflective of the change in the music industry, in which worship leaders have become the new “artists,” so the focus is on what makes THEM sound the best, not on the key that everyone can worship well in together! Sad…”

Sara Paulson Brummett, Worship Pastor, California

“There’s no one that can teach on worship quite like Tim Smith… Our Worship Leading Class at CCHS was blessed by a 3 day workshop with him! Worshiping with & without instruments… acapella, instrumentals, audible praise, song of the Lord, prophetic… Love this stuff… No one wanted to leave class :) Thank you Tim Smith for sharing your passion for worship!”

Sheryl Belefski, Worship Leader, San Antonio, Texas

We had the wonderful privilege of having Dr. Tim Smith come and do a 3 session workshop with our Worship Leading Class here at City Christian School as well as coming and preparing with the students and leading an open chapel for our high school this last year.   It was the highlight of our school year and the students enjoyed having him immensely and are already asking if we will be having him come and teach again!   Having been a student of Tim Smith myself at Portland Bible College many years ago, it was such an honor to have someone who has shaped my life in church music and experience in worship come and share with my students.  His teaching on principles of worship, as well as the practical aspects of leading worship are amazing and the students learned so much from his teaching.  The topics of preparing your heart for worship, creating the atmosphere for the prophetic, song of the lord, and using your instruments to usher in the presence of the Lord were a few of the many principles of worship that Tim Smith taught on.  These principles dramatically expanded my students’ thoughts on leading worship and brought greater depth and understanding to their worship leading.  One of the highlights that the students are still talking about is being able to lead worship together as a band during our open chapel with Tim playing the cello…   He demonstrated so beautifully the wonderful way to blend different instruments together to create an atmosphere of worship.  We are already making plans to have him come and share with the class again!

Sheryl Belefski, City Christian HS Worship Leadership Team instructor

In January of 2008, we had the privilege of hosting Dr. Tim & Maryl Smith, from Worship Without Borders, for a conference at our church.  The best way to describe their ministry to our church is that it took us to another level in worship.  They released us to be bold and expressive in our worship to the Lord.  We wholeheartedly support Worship Without Borders and what Tim & Maryl have given their lives to, which is increasing the level of worship and equipping God’s people to better release a heart of worship in the local church.  We would recommend this ministry to anyone who wants to see worship increased, released and blessed! We have had lasting fruit from your ministry at BCF and for that we are grateful!

Pastor Dave Miller, Bend Christian Fellowship, Bend, Oregon

Dr. Tim and Maryl Smith were a big blessing to our churches in Kamchatka. Often musicians in churches pay attention either to musical professionalism or only the spiritual part of worship. But Tim Smith has a combination of professionalism and guidance from the Holy Spirit. After his teaching and coaching, our worship leaders started composing their own worship songs. Another strong area of his teaching in our worship school was the generational direction of worship. He helped our leaders think about worship teams for different age groups. Now we have older people, young people and children involved in worship. We strongly recommend Tim and Maryl Smith for your worship school, conference or seminar.

Pastor Nikolai Poliakov, Overseer of Union of Full Gospel Churches of Kamchatka, Russia

We strongly recommend Tim Smith and the ministry of Worship Without Borders.  Worship music requires more than teaching – it requires an impartation because it is ‘caught’ as much as ‘taught’.  Dr. Smith brings both teaching and impartation and has been a great blessing to our church.  We know he will be a great blessing to your church family as well.

Jonathan Guilloux, Executive Pastor, Eastside City Church, Calgary, AB Canada

When you spend time worshipping with Tim and Maryl, as Tim has stated, it is Beautifully Jesus! Tim and Maryl are a couple that are in passionate pursuit of the presence of the Lord and always have such a sensitivity to hear the song in heaven that the Lords desires to be played on earth! They not only challenge us to raise our skill level, but they inspire us to experience God in a deeper way each moment we spend worshipping together! WWOB is such a blessing to the Kingdom of God and to the nations of the world!

Daniel Ramos – Worship Pastor, Florida

Tim, God uses you to bring transformation to the Body of Christ…keep up the world-changing work you are doing!

Pastor Rick Johnston, New Life Bible Church, London, England

Dear Tim and Maryl, Speakers come and go at churches. Some are good speakers, but some leave a lasting deposit. You two have planted seeds that will bear much fruit. Thank you! Be blessed in every way!

David Walker, Pastor, Valley Christian Fellowship, Las Vegas, Nevada

As a brilliant songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, historian and teacher, Dr. Smith brings a wealth of experience to the table as an educator offering a boatload of useful, practical and even life-changing elements to any church, conference, seminar or one-one-one (mentoring) applications he may be involved with. I heartily recommend Tim as an artist, teacher and speaker for any event focusing on music and worship in the church.

David Gauthier, Church Representative, CCLI, Portland, OR

Overall, I was extremely pleased with your ministry, your connection with our team, your teaching spirit, the new songs, Maryl’s beautiful gift on the flute, and the way you were able to speak to the team at the level we are at.  I have been to many worship music seminars, but this was the first one that had immediate and lasting value.  Your handouts were important but I most value your Observations and Recommendations that you sent in follow up.

Ronda Weaver, Worship Coordinator, Alliance Bible Church, Anchorage, AK

I’ve known Tim for about 15 years and worked on staff with him for 4 years in Aloha, OR. He’s a man of God and a super skilled worship minister. He’s really been a pioneer in the area of worship. Whether it’s preaching or working with worship teams to bring them to their optimum strengths, Tim brings many gifts to the local church. I strongly encourage you to find a way to fit Tim in for a weekend seminar. He’ll be an enormous blessing in your church! This is a rare opportunity to form a relationship with one of the few truly apostolic worship leaders in our nation. You’ll treasure this friendship for years to come.

Daren Lindley, Owner, Good Catch Publishing, Hillsboro, Oregon

Those were some great stories in your ‘vision’ class at Worship Northwest.  thanks for bringing passion for worship and God’s people around the world to the Willamette Valley :-)

Liz Dugger, Singer, Songwriter, Worship Leader, Tualatin, OR

Dr. Tim is a good friend and co-traveler in the kingdom who through the years has developed material that is not just informational, but inspirational and transformational for worship teams longing to experience the powerful presence of God’s Holy Spirit. He is not only a gifted musician, relevent song writer and sensitive worship leader, but a shepherd and mentor of people whose heart is to see Christ glorified in all the earth. He and his wife Maryl will impact your worship team and church with a renewed passion for Jesus and His coming Kingdom.

Larry Kennedy, Worship Leader, Destiny Christian Fellowship, Happy Valley, OR

Dr. Tim Smith is an amazing and inspiring individual. His rare combination of people skills, musical know-how, and relationship with God allow him to bring many people from various backgrounds to a deeper level in both skill and worship. I highly recommend Dr. Tim Smith for your next worship conference.

Carter Cheston, Worship Pastor, Shelton, WA

Dr. Tim is a fabulously gifted musician with tremendous teaching ability. He has a heart for worship that transcends the ordinary and inspires those he teaches. Having been on two worship mission trips under Dr. Tim’s leadership I was able to see the effect his worship conferences have on churches.

David Penn, President, Church Online, Hillsboro, OR

Dr, Smith is highly motivated person with a clear understanding of the word, commitment. Both a starter and a finisher, Dr. Smith completes projects with integrity, and excellence, and on time. He is a great team player who has proved himself prepared and ready. I recommend Dr. Tim Smith without a hint of reservation. You can contact me at doug@believers-chapel.com.

Doug Brushell, Pastor, Believers’ Chapel, Canastota, NY

I have had the privilege to observe and at times to work directly with Tim Smith for more than 25 years. As a student of music I have been awed by the development and expression of the natural gifting he possesses. His comprehension of musical form is unparalleled. As a student of The Word I have been abundantly blessed by his faithfulness to the call and his comprehension of the “heart of worship.” For those who desire to move further into an applied understanding of the place of worship in today’s church I highly recommend Dr. Tim Smith. There are none better suited to help lead today’s congregations into the fullness of God’s purposes and blessings in worship.

Robert Anaforian, Pastor, Birmingham, AL

Tim is truly one of a kind. His gentleness with people draws the best out of them. His method of teaching Worship respects the talent of the individual but much more importantly he opens people’s hearts to freely express their love for the Lord. This is the true Worship that Tim evokes from those with whom he works. I consider Tim a friend but I think that all who spend any amount of time with will claim the same friendship. He is that kind of a person and, more importantly, he is a true servant of the Lord.

Steve Cegla, Senior Technical Writer, Intel, Hillsboro, OR

Dr. Tim is a great worship leader and pastor. He is a gifted musician and teacher. His depth of knowledge in the theology and practice of worship is deep and biblical. I thank the Lord for Tim and give him my highest recommendation.

Kenneth Haynes, Worship & Marriage Pastor, Calvary Chapel Worship Center, Hillsboro, OR

What a joy it was to have Dr. Tim and Maryl Smith and Pastor Todd Beal with us.  They were such a blessing to our people.  Our worship leaders and pastors were greatly blessed and impacted by their ministry.  It was a conference with a difference.  They taught them the wonderful principles of worship with the anointing of the Lord.  Our people were trained in prophetic worship.  Thank you so much for your input into our musicians and to our sound system. We greatly appreciate and value your ministry.

Pastor David Prakasam, Pastor at Bethel City Cathedral, Coimbatore, India

A worship conference was held for the first time at Bethel City Cathedral by Worship without Borders from the 20th to the 22nd of August 2009. The special speakers were Pastors Tim Smith, Maryl Smith and Todd Beal. The conference was a great blessing to all the delegates (pastors, worship leaders, choir members and Bible College students). The speakers not only taught the principles of worship but also did a lot of practical training which was appreciated immensely. We are very thankful for Worship Without Borders for coming and training our church how to release the flow of worship. They were truly a great blessing and we highly recommend them to anyone who wants to release worship in their churches. Welcome back again!

Pastor John Prakasam, Executive Pastor at Bethel City Cathedral, Coimbatore, India

Sunday Evening June 14th we had Dr. Tim and Maryl Smith in to minister here in Castle Rock at Cowlitz Valley Christian Center. We were so impressed with the way Tim worked with our worship team and how he brought out a little “extra” from each one of them. We had an AWESOME night of worship and also Dr. Tim helped the Church understand why we do what we do in worship and why worship is such an important part of both our personal lives and our Church’s life. We are looking forward to having Dr. Tim and Maryl come back to our Church and work with our worship team on a Saturday and help them in the “Prophetic” aspect of leading worship and then on that Sunday watch it all take shape.

Pastor Rick Greene, Pastor, Longview, WA

Tim and Maryl came to minister to us, and I found myself wishing they could be here for a week instead of a day. They were able to help impart so much passion and refresh our church’s vision for true worship! Their experience in following the Spirit was evident from the beginning of the first seminar to the close of the last service, and I appreciated their wisdom in not only speaking into the areas we had seen need, but also effectively ministering into the insight the Spirit provided. I was encouraged by their desire and impressed by their ability to mentor and provide tools for God’s children to sincerely express their love and awe for our mighty Creator and Savior. Thanks for your willingness to be used by the Lord!

Sam and Naomi Funk, Worship Pastors, Gateway Christian Fellowship, Shelton, WA

Dr. Tim Smith and his wife Maryl have a special anointing to minister the very “heart of worship.”During their visit, we experienced inspirational & prophetic praise. He led with anointing and a spirit of breakthrough. His gifting on various instruments, paired with his desire to usher in the Holy Spirit, was a tremendous blessing during our services. He shared a moving message about the power and beauty of worship. Our members were provoked by his prophetic anointing and we will continue to water the seeds that he and Maryl were faithful to plant.

Pastors Brad & Jennifer Neuschwander/Senior Pastors, Life Bible Church, Harrisburg, OR

He gives the Lord glory through his worship and his words.

Jacquelyn Neuschwander (daughter)

We hosted a Tim Smith Worship Seminar on Saturday October 18, 2008. It was fabulous! It was a wonderful time of learning and refreshing: our choir and worship team were inspired and drawn closer to Jesus. Tim’s incredibly anointed worship leading, songwriting, prophetic flow, and teaching will bless your church. Tim’s depth of experience as a seasoned worship pastor and his rich academic background qualify him to speak to the issues that are critical to developing a worship ministry. He does it all with a heart of humility and grace. I highly endorse Tim and Maryl Smith and Worship Without Borders.”

Dan Gardner, Worship Pastor, Zion Christian Church, Troy, MI

Wow! Was this a God ordained week or what! Tim and Maryl’s worship seminar here was an incredible blessing – packed to the gills with practical as well as spiritual sessions. What a life changing time for our worship team, leaders, and church! Latins are into music!! It was so great to have people with years of experience to help our young musicians rise to another level.

Their many years of leading worship, their unique gift of seeing potential in, and developing people into worship teams is a treasure that I am sure other nations need just as much as here in Mexico. They were great at relating to individuals thru out the weekend. The language barrier seemed to deter very little. The love they showed and maturity that was exemplified as well as musical knowledge and anointing drew our people to them. They all want them to come back and teach us more as soon as possible.

We will be leaning on Tim even while he is in other places thru email consultation. We are planting churches now and are going for hundreds more. Not only do we need to prepare future pastors but also worship people for these new works. Many of our outreaches have experienced dearth and great frustration when it comes to even a basic worship team. Some don’t even have one good musician! What a need! Harvest is coming in, our kinds of churches need strong Praise and Worship. We need to get the worship model functioning quickly. Jesus deserves it. I wish we could get the Smiths to live here for several months, or clone them, uh, with a little more Latin look!

The time has never been riper – God is doing amazing things across the world. Tim and Maryl have answered the call to “GO” May scores of churches and individuals catch the vision to get behind Tim and Maryl financially so that they can GO, being sent by you, to hungry nations such as ours!”

Pastors Phil and Judy Jaquith, Senior Pastor, Fuente para el Mundo, Puebla, Mexico

Dear Pastor, I want to recommend to you Dr Tim Smith and his ministry of worship. Tim has been helping us almost monthly here at The City Church in Seattle, leading worship at all of our campuses and helping us train our worship teams.

He also has a passion for international ministry and we have helped send him and his wife and teams to other nations with wonderful success and blessing.

Second only to the preaching of the Word, the worship ministry of our churches is paramount. It is the vital link between the Lord’s people and His sweet presence. Tim’s anointing in this area is unparalleled and full of grace.

I would not only recommend having him to your church for possible worship ministry but also consider a regular monthly financial support as we are doing, in order to help fund ministry to nations that might not be able to afford having him.”

Pastor Wendell Smith, Founding Pastor, City Church, Seattle, WA

We have had Tim and Maryl here to work with our team and without a doubt it was beneficial. We often think of the need to have spiritual fathers speak into the local church, but have you considered, we need worship fathers to deposit in the worship team as well? Paul wrote in 1 Cor 4:15 “For though you might have ten thousand instructors in Christ, yet you do not have many fathers; for in Christ Jesus I have begotten you through the gospel.” Tim has a father’s heart to build the local church. He will certainly benenfit most any team who desires to go to a higher level.”

Pastor Derrill CorbinSenior Pastor, Life Center, Centralia, WA

We were truly blessed by the ministry of Dr & Mrs. Smith. The excellence that we experienced was truly awesome! It was amazing to see how the Lord was able to flow in our midst, and how Dr. & Mrs Tim ushered in that presence! We will never be the same again after this Worship Conference and cannot wait until we are together again! The tools we aquired from their teaching is something that we will have for the rest of our lives, and are so excited about implementing them in our times of worship!

Danny & Denise Ramos – Worship Pastor, FL

Thank you for coming to Uganda. I was amazed at how much you gave to this country on such a short stay.

Royce Iverson, Missionary in Entebbe, Uganda

This is a brief report about the Worship Conference we just concluded on the 18th of Dec.2007 at our church in Kampala, Uganda. Dr.Tim Smith and his wife Maryl were the main speakers and they did a great job. The presence of God was so rich, Intercession was so powerful and it was so amazing to see different ones break forth and released to sing the song of the Lord after simple instruction. The teachings were well received and many were hearing these things for the first time! There was a deep work that was done in all of our hearts the three days as the servants of God ministered to us. This ministry is very much needed in our country and we will pray that God in His time will bring them to us again to build on the foundation that was laid these three days. This was the first worship conference in the history of our church. 24 other churches participated. We invited pastors and worship leaders and their teams from around Kampala and 200 came. There was a man who was passing by the church as we were concluding the conference, he heard the high praises and the worship which was going on, he came in and committed his life to Jesus Christ! Praise God. Tim, Maryl and Molly also spoke to our young people in our youth camp. It was amazing to see the young people responding and released in worship, raising their hands and singing their praises to God. The presence of God was so rich. Tim preached in both services last Sunday as well. Tim and his team have truly been a great blessing.”

Pastor Wilfred Kaweesa, Senior Pastor, Reaching Unto Nations Church, Kampala, Uganda

Wow, Pastor Tim, thank you so much for the weekend you spent with us! From the opening session with the Worship Team to the closing service with the Congregation, we saw your heart for both Worshiping the Father and supporting His children, along with your incredible technical skills. Given where we were in transitioning the leadership of our Worship Ministries, the timing for us could not have been better!! I think having you come to us and spend time at our church with our Team made a huge impact, much more than if we had sent everyone to a conference outside! We have seen many results: a new willingness to try different approaches to songs; a growing sense of unity among the Team; some (significant) changes in sound and blending the instruments together; the vocals working on both their blend and their presentation, and even just some new chord progressions to try during times of free-worship. I can’t thank you enough for sharing your self and your gifts with us. We look forward to having you and Maryl back again!”

Diane Bobko J, Worship Ministries Coordinator, Christian Family Center, Camano Island, WA

Tim and Maryl Smith’s willingness to come along side and provide input has been an extremely valuable tool of reference and will help us to achieve more goals than we had ever hoped for. They left us with a 6 page document with scenario possibilities, suggestions and edified the socks off the team. I don’t think I’ve ever been critiqued in such an edifying way; I’m still trying to figure out how they did that. I would highly recommend the Smith’s coming to you, so many seminars just leave you in such a short time frame as you return to your real world. This one altered us, we can’t go back.”

Rev. Steve Myall, Worship Director, Columbia Heights Assembly of God, Longview, WA

Wow! What a worship time with the both of you! Thank you for your teaching, sharing the love of Christ and waking up our dried up bones! When I heard the choir sing, I felt like I was back in California at our old church! My spirit and bones woke up! Our bones had been dried up too long! God is good and He is faithful and gives us what we need, exactly when we need it! What a great time! Looking forward to having both of you over this way more often! Thank you for pouring out to us. Thank you for your faithfulness and obedience to our Lord! May He bless you both as you continue to serve Him, the Almighty God!”

Jeff and Lydia Kreft, Bend Christian Fellowship, Bend, OR

There is a beauty in Tim’s ministry that can only spring from the heart of a habitual worshipper which is what he has proven time and again to be. His ministry will be a great blessing to you as he has always been to us. Tim has always been able to intermingle the attitude of servanthood with worship and that is something that is greatly needed in the church today.”

Guy Rozario, Worship Pastor, Full Gospel Assembly, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

You are popular folks with our group. The musicians team is still speaking so highly of you and so appreciatively. We (Larry & Sharon) will be forever grateful for the impact you have had on our worship team. They, and we, are excited about putting the suggestions into practice. Tracy moved in the song of the Lord very strongly on Sunday morning. It was beautiful!! Just a smidgen of the good fruit your ministry is producing amongst us. You not only imparted to us with words, but also with anointing, to bring about the changes that needed to be made. We are rejoicing. Plus, we sure enjoyed getting to know you wonderful people. What a joy it was to fellowship with you both.”

Pastor Larry and Sharon Dublanko, Pastors, Cornerstone Community Church, Aberdeen, WA

Thank you again for your very strong impartation to us this past weekend… it was RICH. People are already using Tim-isms – golden nuggets they got from your teaching! Saturday was especially marvelous as I really believe our people were able to realize that we all have a measure of the prophetic within us and if we just yield ourselves to the Holy Spirit, He is able to use us. Tremendous!”

Pastor Leon Sandberg, Worship Pastor, City Church, Kirkland, WA

It has been my great privilege to have ministered with Tim for many years. Without a doubt, Tim’s heart and passion for the Presence of the Lord is clearly evident. His worship gifting, teaching, leading and experience abounds with wisdom, depth and sensitivity, a much-needed resource for today’s church worship expression. I highly recommend Tim Smith’s ministry to any church that has the opportunity to receive him!!!”

Howard Rachinski, CEO & President, CCLI, Portland, OR

Tim is an amazing combination of worship leader, musician, composer, teacher, preacher and friend. His kindness and experience make it easy to follow him as he leads people into the most intimate levels of worship. He does not hype up the congregation but simply is himself; a talented man expressing his great love for God in songs that delight the heart and soul. I can recommend Tim to any group that wants to further their skills and their sensitivity to God in worship.

Mike Herron,Worship Minister, Houston, Texas

Tim was a worship leader and teacher at the very first worship conference I attended. His blend of musical proficiency with a prophetic edge greatly impacted me as a songwriter and worship leader in the early days of my ministry. Now more than 20 years later I see in Tim an even greater passion to worship God and to train up a new generation of worship musicians.”

Marty Nystrom, Songwriter, Worship Leader with Integrity Music, Kirkland, WA

You were a real inspiration to me and helped to instill into me the heart of worship as a young person. Those times in God’s presence I will never forget. I still remember the first time I ever played piano in church. I started to play for the prayer time and was so nervous that I was playing way too busy and distracting… you so kindly snuck up to the piano and coached me as I played. It blessed me so much. You could have kicked me off and said – you are not ready… but instead you worked with me and showed me the way of flowing.

Donna Lasit, Worship Leader, Songwriter, The Pearl, Denver, CO

I admire the way you are always so productive and touching every life around you inspiring them to be the same. I am always grateful for the richness you’ve added to my life and will be keeping tabs of your adventures!! You have been a fruitful tree planted by the water.”

Liz Dugger, Worship Director, Rolling Hills Community Church, Lake Oswego, Oregon

Hi Tim, I received great feedback from everyone who attended your Refresh Seminar from The Promise Church in Dundee. The following Sunday we decided that everyone who attended the seminar would be on the morning worship team. I have to tell you that the morning worship was more than inspired, it was transcendent!! We also decided to implement a special evening service dedicated to worship every third Sunday of the month. There’s even talk of singing a few hymns!!”

Phil Hall, Worship Musician, The Promise Church, Dundee, Oregon

Aloha! I had an older version of Piano in Worship which I loaned to a friend and never got back.  I was so overjoyed when I discovered your new Piano in Worship.  Piano in Worship is an asset to every worship leader/musician. God bless you mightily for sharing your ministry which has taken me to new heights and depths in worship to our God. Thank you again,

Meredith Guba, Hawaii