Worship Without Borderspassionate, trained, experienced, qualified and dedicated!

We are passionate Worship Mentors who come to your church (city, nation) to nurture, equip and inspire your whole worship team and congregation.

We are trained Worship Teachers who listen to your vision for worship beforehand and help you craft a completely customized seminar around your specific needs and within your budget. Because of our experience we can teach on a variety of church music and worship subjects.

We are experienced Worship Pastors who will love, inspire and encourage your team and pray for your church and team members by name before we even walk through your doors.

We are qualified Worship Consultants that follow up your seminar with a thoroughly written evaluation of your worship ministry. Every evaluation is packed with recommendations, helping you continue to implement your vision of worship for your church.

We are dedicated Worship Missionaries who go to many nations training, equipping and releasing worship teams and congregations in worship. We bless them with equipment, instruments and supplies to bolster, encourage and invest in worship ministries everywhere.

Worship Resources

Tim has written an excellent textbook/DVD  for training pianists and keyboardists for worship in the church:

Piano in Worship DVD/book.

He has recorded three live-worship CDs, Let the Warriors Arise, Without Hesitation and his latest: Come Be With Me