SanctuaryThe Refresh Seminar on Saturday, August 18, was an inspiring time of worship, teaching, preaching and ministry throughout the day. 22 churches from all over Oregon and Washington and many different ‘streams’ were represented.

Dr. Tim Smith lead the worship times with an multiple church band and an occasional spontaneous moment from the cello with pianist Donna Lasit.

Donna Lasit and TimDr. Smith taught on Refocusing our vision of worship, Revitalizing the worship team and Releasing worship in the house.

In the afternoon, master classes were given in many areas of disciplines like keyboard, bass, drums, sound, singers, guitar and also a special pastors forum with Pastor Kevin Benson.

Scott Bettis as Herod as the GodfatherScott Bettis shared an incredible one-man dramatic presentation on the Gospel of Mark called ‘Travelling Light’. Many churches are booking him for their services now!

We ended the time with a special offering for our first Worship Without Borders’ international missions trip to Uganda in December and then a powerful time of prayer over the worship teams in the seminar.

All in all an incredible time of His presence and His word for everyone involved. Thanks to the many churches and pastors who invested in their worship ministry to help deepen their understanding and refresh their spirits.

Tim and Maryl Smith

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