Maryl and I were honored to minister in Washington DC in May 2010. Pastor Michael and Heather Giroux graciously invited us to come and work with the worship team at City Church DC. We flew in fresh from Puebla, Mexico, and proceeded to have a great time with the team. The church had just celebrated their 4th anniversary the week before with Pastor Bob Isabell and Pastor Tony Alward so they were primed and ready to go deeper in their worship experience.

Thursday night we gathered together for the first time and the team (lead by Jenny, Lizzie and April) had a short but solid time of worship. I stepped up in the middle of the last song and exhorted them concerning their part of what God was saying in the middle of worship. I saw them as lights on many hills over a valley, developing a canopy of praise and worship over a sleeping and bound up city. We stressed the importance of each voice and each instrument being a part of what God is saying in doing during the worship. Then we started to sing and worship again with that understanding, releasing some fresh songs and worship. It was a powerful moment of revelation for the team. Then I shared the Vision of Worship for City Church DC and the surrounding area.

Friday, Maryl and I toured the Washington Mall, viewing the many immense and inspiring memorials and museums in that city. A full day that left us breathless. The Korean War Memorial especially struck both of us (you must see it at night) as both powerful and haunting.

Saturday, we came back to the church for all-day marathon of teaching, worship and release for the worship team. Starting at 11am with the singers, we covered a lot of ground: singing, worship team in the flow, leaders in the flow, songwriting for worship and even got in a short rehearsal for Sunday. They seemed so eager and thirsty for all that we were teaching, it made it easy and enjoyable to speak for 8 hours! I was amazed at that!

Sunday, Maryl played her flute and I played the keys during a powerful set of worship led by Jenny Steele (the worship pastor) for both services. Pastor Tom Eyre delivered a great word for his first week as a licensed pastor at CCDC. This growing church nestled next to American University in DC, has great potential to make an impact on a vital city in the world.

Monday we were privileged to have a personal tour a la Erin Houg through the National Prayer Center (Pastor Ken Wilde) where prayer is being generated for our nation’s leaders, and the Nation’s Capitol building. We learned some of the the little dark secrets of governmental history and intrigue. Amazing what has gone on in that small area of the world.  Then, to celebrate of 36th wedding anniversary, we ended the day in an astounding Brazilian churrascaria, Fogo de Chao with Erin and Brian Houg. Wonderful and delicious meat to your heart’s delight. You really must try it when you go there!

After DC, we took a train to Edison, NJ, where Maryl spoke to health practitioners from all over New Jersey at a Perinatal Conference. She was amazing in her area of expertise in birth. I am so thrilled to be her husband! For 36 years!!!

Next time you are in DC, be sure to see the amazing sights, be astounded by man’s creations and ingenuity, enjoy the cuisine, but be sure to check out what God is doing in the city! He is the most amazing Sight!

in Him,

Tim and Maryl Smith

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