Maryl and I are so excited to rejoin our many friends in West Palm Beach, Florida for the Spirit of Prophecy Worship Conference, February 17-20. Pastors Danny and Giselle Bonilla are hosting this

Mike Herron

great event and joining us are Mike Herron (Houston, TX), Portia Sumner and Marion Overall (Oakland, CA) and Sonia Viera (Puerto Rico) for an astounding 4 days of prophetic worship, insight and deep refreshing of the spirit. If you are longing for a restoring and renewing of your spirits in worship and are yearning to hear His voice once again, please join us for this powerful time in His presence.

Sonia Viera

With this array of seasoned veterans of His prophetic song, you can be assured that each session will be filled with His voice, His heart, and His song, calling us back to Him and Him alone! Go to their website to register today:

Join us for an amazing time in the Holy Spirit!

“Spirit of Prophecy”  Worship Conference  Daniel & Gisselle Bonilla Senior Pastors Hosanna Palm Beach Church February 17-20, 2011  Hosted By: Space is limited…. Register Today!  Two ways to Register: ———————————————————————————————————————————————————— Registration Form    (more conference information including workshops, transportation,       				   etc, is available on our website: Name:	____________________________________________________________________________________ Email:	____________________________________________________________________________________ Phone:	________________________________________ Are you a Senior Pastor?  Yes________ No________ Address: _____________________________________________________________________________________ Payment Amount: Deposit $69________    Balance $60 _______   or    Full Payment: $129 ______ Payment Method: Check # ________________	      Money Order # ________________ (Credit Card payments must be made on our website) Pastors Daniel & Gisselle Bonilla, Hosanna P.B. Pastor Mike Heron, Lakewood Church Pastor Marion Overall, Shiloh Temple Pastor Portia Sumner, Shiloh Temple Dr. Tim Smith, Worship Without Borders Sonia Viera, Torre Fuerte $69 Deposit is due at time of registration. Seating is  very limited and on first-come first serve basis.  Balance of $60 is due by February 1, 2011. Must register before November 1st to secure your spot. Conference Cost: $129 We have great expectation that our upcoming conference is going to be a time when musicians, dancers and worshippers will come and take back what the enemy has stolen (Joel 2:25).  We often give priority to taking vacations to rest our bodies but we do not give as much thought to our spirits. The truth is, if our spirits are not at rest, nothing else in our lives will be at peace. Some of you might have lost your focus; your joy and passion; and your very desire to minister unto the Lord. We therefore want to invite you to come and take back your dance; take back your song; and take down your instrument off the willow trees (Ps 137:1-4 NKJV).   Dear Friends…. Conference Speakers: By Mail - Mail your registration form and $69 Deposit to: Hosanna Palm  Beach, P.O. Box 8868, Jupiter, Florida 33468 (561) 277-9184 Online with a Credit card—Visit our website @ Conference Location: Hilton Garden Inn Hotel 3505 Kyoto Gardens Drive, Palm Beach Gardens, FL  Call (561) 694-5833 to book your room. A room block has been reserved @ a discounted rate of  for $159 per night until January 25th.

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