We traveled to Moses Lake, WA with Pastor Mike Herron, Liz Dugger, Scott Bettis, Doug Lutke and Jon Huntley for the ‘Heart of a Psalmist Worship Conference’ and ministry at Grace Harvest Church in September. This occasion was the release of Mike’s great new book: The Heart of a Psalmist – Worshiping Christ Through the Psalms. It was also our first time to minister all together for a worship conference, a ‘test-run’ with this team.

moseslake-mikeMike Herron led off the conference with his teaching of the four types of worship leaders from Revelation: the Lion, the Calf, the Man and the Eagle. Powerful demonstration of the variety and depth of worship we can all participate in. Mike shared many of his great songs and stories that continue to inspire people around the world.

moseslake-liz3moseslake-team4moseslake-scottmoseslake-jonmoseslake-graceLiz Dugger, an amazing worship leader and songwriter led worship and taught at the conference. Doug Lutke, also a wonderful worship leader and a great trumpet/flugel horn player led and played powerfully throughout the conference. Scott Bettis, a great friend who has played bass for all four of us worship leaders and has accompanied me to England and Wales, did a great job on the bass for the whole conference. Jon Huntley joined us on acoustic guitar and did a masterful job along with teaching us one of his new and powerful worship songs. Two violinists and a drummer joined us at various times throughout the conference to add some variety to the mix. Maryl sang and played flute while I got to play my 150 year-old cello again (I love being able to bring it with me when I can!) It was great having such flexibility that comes with such variety of gifts on the team. A great flow can be achieved when you are confident of all those around you and you trust them to minister by the Spirit.

Liz shared on the Heart of a Worshiper and drew some great correlations with her dog, moseslake-lizSargent Bruder that had all of us identifying with such a great little dog. I shared twice, once on the Vision for Worship and the other on the Songs of Faith that God gives us in different seasons of our lives.

moseslake-team3The worship was rich and flowing throughout the conference. We had many opportunities to just play the instruments and allow the people to drink it all in as we magnified Jesus at every moment. moseslake-worship2The spirit of the people was strong and everyone jumped in readily to an electric atmosphere of His presence. Jesus affirmed His love and guidance in every service and many people were weeping as God touched their hearts over and over again. At the very end of the conference we were delighted to minister over many of the people there, sharing thoughts, and prayers and exhortations to stir the hearts of everybody.

moseslake-timothyThe Latter Glory Team (led by Timothy Johnson) prepared the conference with great passion and delight and we thank them so much for having us in and releasing us to do what God had called us to do. It was a wonderful time with a great visitation of the Holy Spirit evident from beginning to end. You should all go to mikeherronmusic.org to pick up your own copy of  ‘Heart of a Psalmist’ by Mike. You will not be disappointed. It’s only $24.95 with 418 pages packed with amazing revelations of Christ in the Psalms. He goes through every one of the 150 Psalms to show Christ throughout the book!

moseslake-doug-peggy-britneymoseslake-tim4On Sunday, we were honored to minister at Grace Harvest Church with Pastor Doug and Peggy Sherman. This church is a great testimony to the grace of Jesus Christ and is poised to explode in vision passion and harvest in the next few months. We were delighted to flow with them in worship in both services. I was doubly moseslake-grace3honored to be able to preach in both services on Psalm 139 – Where Can I Go? With stories from our ministry travels in Kamchatka and Uganda, we discovered that He is everywhere, loving people and drawing them to Himself. One young lady received Christ for the first time!

One delightful moment was after I shared about the wonderful orphans at Osanidde Village on an island in Lake Victoria, Uganda, a lady came up to tell us that her daughter, Ann Dunagan helped build the orphanage. She was delighted to hear our experiences on the island with the children and said that she and her husband ‘live to support that orphanage’! What a delightful connection of a great ministry! I told her my nephew, Brent Earwicker, is the missionary that connected us to the orphanage and we are returning next summer to see the kids and all that God is doing in Uganda!

Thanks again for all your prayers and support for us. Maryl is improving still and was amazingly strong during our time in Moses Lake. We are ramping up for some great ministry next year in India, Uganda, Florida and more. If you are interested in having us in to revolutionize your worship ministry, give us a call (503-327-4808), contact us through this website, or email: timsongsmith@gmail.com and we can discuss the possibilities. We love what God has called us to do, and we delight in every opportunity to effect change and release worship wherever He sends us.

in Him,

Tim and Maryl Smith, Your Worship Missionaries

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